Secure Tactical Deployments

Private 5G Networks for Secure Tactical Deployments

When tactical teams are deployed, reliable communications are critical for troops’ safety and the effectiveness of their missions. If troops don’t have precise control of drones, or accurate situational awareness, lives are at risk. For field communications, tactical teams require a powerful and reliable network that is highly secure, easy to transport, fast to deploy without technical expertise, and rugged to withstand harsh and unpredictable conditions.

Whether connecting large stationary bases or dynamic on-the-move operations, Raycom’s private wireless solutions have the performance, capacity, range, and durability for a secure communications infrastructure that supports tactical missions.

Our End-to-End Private Cellular Networks scale to support any-sized deployments:

  • Best-in-class technology components for seamless connectivity: Open RAN, core, and customer premise equipment (CPE)
  • Intuitive network management and orchestration system (NMS)
  • Backhaul agnostic, connecting to fiber, fixed wireless access (FWA), or satellite
  • Integration of critical applications such as MCPTT and drones

Raycom’s Fast Deployment Kit (FDK) gives tactical teams a powerful private cellular network:

  • Rugged and lightweight – can be easily carried
  • Secure network up and operational in less than 30 minutes by a novice
  • 5km coverage radius for highly secure and continuous voice and video communications
  • Rugged Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) smart handheld devices

Zero-Trust Security

  • Inherently more secure than Wi-Fi or public cellular, each device must be provisioned for network access.
  • Zero-trust security model secures communications from edge to edge, preventing unauthorized access and reducing risk of data breaches.

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