Private Networks for Healthcare

Experience seamless digitalization and automation
with private network connectivity


With over 90% of healthcare systems positioning themselves to offer digital-first primary care by 2027, a mobile communcations infrastructure with the power, speed, and capacity to fulfill this transition is vital. When connectivity is inconsistent or absent, hazards can increase and even put lives at risk.

Raycom’s end-to-end private wireless solutions empower healthcare systems with a high-speed, reliable communications infrastructure to enable secure HIPAA compliant digitalization and automation technologies safely and effectively.

Durable Security to Protect Privacy

  • Our private wireless networks greatly reduce cyber risks, with native encryption, device provisioning, deterministic performance, and tightly integrated security policies.
  • Organizations have total control over security and prioritization of critical applications and patient data.

Broadened Care Into Communities

  • Our private networks deliver reliable coverage for push-to-talk between paramedics and medical staff for vital decision-making during emergencies.
  • Ambulances and mobile clinics can securely share critical patient data, including large image files, while on the move.

Enhanced Clinical Operations

  • With our private networks’ high capacity for thousands of simulataneous connections, real-time autonomous patient record updating from IoT sensors saves clinicians hours per day they can dedicate to patient care.
  • Autonomous device updates, anomaly detection, and predictive maintenance for hospital systems like HVAC reduces risks and cost.

Advanced Telemedicine

  • With near-zero lag time, remote surgery and robotic-assisted procedures are safe and effective.
  • High definition video consultations improve specialized care for patients in remote areas or with limited mobility.

Raycom’s unique private network solutions assure innovation agility, communications continuity, scalability and portability, critical for modern mining operations.

Raycom’s technology agnostic network design delivers the speeds, capacity, and coverage necessary to maximize effectiveness of mine digitalization and automation.



Private wireless networks enable continuously connected patients with HIPAA compliant connectivity: from ambulance ride, to hospital stay, to recovery at home, patients’ health is perpetually monitored.


Our private network solution is an end-to-end modular platform delivering advanced features:

  • Flexible core runs on a variety of form factors and configurations
  • Open architecture delivers optimal performance across any technology
  • Secure cloud-based application layer enables advanced IoT features
  • Zero-trust security with native encryption and best-in-class protections

Raycom’s end-to-end private network solutions empower healthcare organizations with:

Application Integration Agility

With extensive experience in integrating diverse applications and technologies such as IoT, robotics, and MCPTT, our enterprise-first solution extends beyond just networking, with a collaborative approach to helping clients solve business challenges, meet performance metrics, and improve ROI.

wireless network for healthcare

Scalability & Flexibility

Our adaptive design and customizable architecture supports multiple technologies and readily scales to incorporate new digital and automation use cases, future proofing healthcare operations. Whether it’s for one hospital or a global healthcare system, Raycom’s end-to-end private wireless solutions are flexible to satisfy specialized use cases and scalable to support organizations’ growth and dynamic requirements.

Business Continuity & Resilience

Our patented fabric of decentralized networks create redundancy with no single point of failure, delivering resilience and consistent performance for reliable, instantaneous communications with mobile first-responders, mobile clinics, and remote facilities. Networks can operate holistically or independently, with quality of service and security policies managed separately or collectively.

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