Private Networks in Airports

Experience seamless digitization and automation
with private network connectivity


Airports around the world are embracing digital technology to improve safety and customer experience, while streamlining operations and lowering costs. These innovations rely on a robust communications infrastructure with performance and resilience to turn digital innovations into business-critical solutions.

With airport operations, personnel, vehicles, and passengers in constant motion, Raycom private network solutions empower digital technologies that solve airports’ challenges and create new opportunities.

Safety & Security

  • Uninterrupted communications with personnel, cameras, and vehicles, from tarmac to apron to terminal.
  • Native encryption, authentication, and access control protects sensitve airport data.

Operational Excellence

  • Real-time conveyance monitoring and baggage tracking for tens of thousands of IoT sensors and devices.
  • Dedicated networks give airports granular control over performance based on business priorities, areas, teams, and tenants.

Growth & Expansion

  • Shortened turnaround times with network capacity, speeds, and apron coverage for accurate real-time data.
  • Support for today’s multiple frequencies and ready adaptability to new use cases and applications.

Monetization Opportunities

  • Secure “network as a service” for airlines and tenants, with flexible billing and usage options.
  • Point-of-sale support with high security and capacity, and reliable performance.


Raycom’s unique private network solutions assure innovation agility, communications continuity, scalability and flexibility, critical for airport operations.

Raycom’s technology agnostic network design delivers the speeds, capacity, mobility, and coverage necessary to maximize effectiveness of airport digitalization.



Private networking solves critical airport challenges such as reducing turnaround delays and passenger waiting times, while also lowering MRO costs.


Business Continuity & Resilience

Raycom’s patented nested fabric of decentralized networks create redundancy with no single point of failure, delivering resilience and consistent performance to protect airport operations. Networks can operate holistically or independently, with quality of service and security policies managed separately or collectively. Autonomous fault detection between networks means always-on communications.

Scalability & Flexibility

Raycom’s adaptive design and customizable architecture supports multiple technologies and readily scales to incorporate new use cases, future proofing airport operations.

Innovation & Integration Agility

With extensive experience in integrating diverse applications and technologies, Raycom’s enterprise-first solution extends beyond just networking, with a collaborative approach to helping clients solve business challenges and incorporate monetization opportunities.

Raycom’s private network solution is an end-to-end modular platform delivering advanced features in bespoke configurations.

  • Flexible core runs on a variety of form factors and configurations
  • Open architecture delivers optimal performance across any technology
  • Secure cloud-based application layer enables advanced IoT features

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