Private Networks for Oil & Gas

Experience seamless digitisation and automation with private network connectivity


Advancements in digitalization, automation, and robotics have been critical in advancing oil & gas exploration and drilling, improving worker safety and reducing costs. With personnel, vehicles, and equipment operating in challenging and remote environments, reliable communication is critical to empower technology advancements to improve safety and effectiveness of operations. Raycom’s private network solutions strengthen digital technologies that solve drilling challenges safely and effectively.

Ensure Safety & Security

  • Access to real-time voice, video, and data with secure communications provides situational awareness for faster response times in an emergency situation.

Elevate Productivity

  • High-resolution video streams from drones and robots enables safe and efficient site inspections in hazardous or hard- to-reach locations.

Boost ROI

  • Predictive analysis that identifies failures before they occur is possible with continuous monitoring of equipment through real- time sensor data.


Raycom’s private network solution is an end-to-end modular platform delivering advanced features:

  • Flexible core runs on a variety of form factors and configurations
  • Open architecture delivers optimal performance across any technology
  • Secure cloud-based application layer enables advanced IoT features

Innovation & Integration Agility – Our end-to-end solution extends beyond just networking, assuring devices connect, applications perform, and business challenges are solved.

Scalability & Flexibility – Our adaptive design and customizable architecture features best-in-class solutions, supports multiple technologies, and readily scales to incorporate new digital and automation use cases, future proofing oil & gas operations.

Business Continuity & Security – Our networks deliver resilience and consistent performance to protect critical operations, ruggedized to enhance operations in challenging environments.


Oil rig drilling

Raycom’s unique private network solutions assure innovation agility, communications continuity, scalability and portability – all critical for modern oil & gas operations.

Our technology-agnostic network design delivers the speeds, capacity, and coverage necessary to maximize effectiveness of digitalization and automation.


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Raycom’s private wireless networks solve critical oil and gas challenges such as remote drilling, predictive equipment maintenance, and environmental monitoring, to improve safety and the bottom line.


Operational Challenge
An oil company drilling via a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) facility off the coast of Brazil, presented us with the following mission-critical requirements:

  • Reliable voice and video mission critical push-to-talk (MC-PTT) communications between onboard FPSO personnel
  • High-speed broadband voice and video communications between FPSO and onshore
  • Reliable communications link between FPSO and shuttle tanker for data exchange of critical telemetry data
offshore drilling

Our Solution

Stand-Alone Broadband Intercom

  • Group/private high-definition voice and video communications via MC-PTT smart phones
  • Integrated map that pinpoints emergency alert locations
  • Insight Dispatcher application for monitoring and provisioning user devices

Ship-to-Shore Communications via Satellite

  • Broadband connectivity onboard FPSO via SatCom backhaul
  • Continuous connectivity for autonomous data sharing with onshore operations
  • Offshore staff can maintain communications with home onshore while at sea

Remote Telemetry Link to Shuttle Tanker

  • Installation of secure and reliable private wireless network for remote access to telemetry data
  • Reliable coverage that expands between FPSO and shuttle tanker
  • Secure links for remote access to shuttle tanker automation data for offloading operations

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