Raycom’s ORAN (Open RAN) Application Solution

As part of Raycom’s commitment to deliver best-in-class solutions that ensure our customers’ critical outcomes are met, we are proud to support the Open RAN (ORAN) standard. Open Radio Access Network or ORAN is an emerging technology gaining significant importance for enterprises due to its potential to revolutionize how wireless networks are built and operated.

Cost Savings and Efficiency

  • ORAN allows enterprises to mix and match compatible components, assuring interoperability.
  • Modular and scalable architectures enable granular control over network resources and costs.
  • Enterprises can select best-in-class components that meet their specific requirements and budgets.

Flexibility and Customization

  • ORAN offers enterprises the ability to tailor networks to their specific needs and use cases.
  • Enterprises can precisely deploy the features and capabilities they require.
  • Modularity allows enterprises to create purpose-built networks optimized for specific applications (e.g., IoT, edge computing, industrial automation).

Future-proofing and Adaptability

  • ORAN provides a flexible and adaptable infrastructure that allows enterprises to stay agile and competitive.
  • ORAN fosters an open and innovative ecosystem, encouraging the development of leading-edge solutions that will be supported readily in ORAN networks.
  • Enterprises can more seamlessly integrate innovative technologies, services, and use cases as they emerge.
  • Future-proofing ensures enterprises can keep pace with the latest advancements and quickly respond to changing market dynamics.

Enhanced Security

Business Continuity & Resilience

  • Maintenance costs are reduced by extending the life and performance of mission-critical equipment.
  • Autonomous operations improve production output at lower costs with fewer people.


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