Mission Critical Push-To-Talk

Mission-critical communications refer to the need for first responders to access fast, reliable, always-on, secure communication. This requires networks that enable and prioritize first responders to share real-time updates and coordinate strategies without worrying about coverage gaps, network disruptions or interference.

Raycom’s integrated offering features a modern IP-based Mission Critical Application based on reliable LTE cellular technology that includes Push-To-Talk (PTT), video, and data (MCX) capabilities, harnessing the full potential of ordinary smartphones for maximum operational efficiency and ease of use.

Our solution is equipped with state-of-the-art MCPTT devices designed to support high-power talk-around and two-way trunked radio services, guaranteeing uninterrupted communication over your private wireless network.

  • Always-On Connectivity: Instant communication and prolonged connectivity between devices with our Push-To-Talk feature, ensures information and instructions are always relayed efficiently, even in high network traffic areas.
  • Sophisticated User Interface: Our system boasts a user-friendly interface, granting users maximum operational capability and ease of use.
  • Dispatcher Excellence: Our robust Dispatcher plays a central role in monitoring, managing, and coordinating communications. With real-time tracking of team movements and communications, rapid instructions and support are provided seamlessly through voice, video, messages, and maps.


  • 3GPP MCX Release 15 Compliant
  • MCPTT, MCVideo and MCData functions

  • Group/Private ‒ Audio/Video Communication

  • Integrated Map Server ‒ Emergency Alert on Map

  • High Quality Audio/Video

  • End-to-End Quality Control for Audio and Video Stream

  • Adaptive Bitrate Control for Video Stream

  • Integrated Map Server ‒ Emergency Alert on Map

  • Acoustic Echo Canceller and Noise Suppressor

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