Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Private cellular networks create a robust foundation for implementing and running resource-intensive AI applications. With its high speeds, low latency, deterministic performance, and inherent security, private 5G networks provide a reliable networking infrastructure required for AI to reach its potential.

Raycom’s private 5G solutions based on best-in-class cellular technology, offer several advantages that can significantly benefit AI applications:

High-Speed and High-Capacity

  • Faster Data Transfer: Private 5G boasts significantly faster data speeds than Wi-Fi, which allows for quicker transmission of large datasets, crucial for training and running complex AI models.
  • High Bandwidth: AI applications often involve handling massive amounts of data. Private 5G provides the high bandwidth needed to efficiently manage massive data flow, ensuring smooth operation.

Virtually Zero Lag Time:

  • Real-time Processing: With private 5G’s ultra-low latency, there is near-zero delay in data transmission, enabling AI to perform real-time analysis and make instant decisions. This is vital for applications like autonomous robots or AI-powered quality control systems in manufacturing.

Native Security and Deterministic Control:

  • Isolated Network: Operating completely separate from public cellular and Wi-Fi networks, private 5G networks provide a dedicated and segregated environment for AI operations. Furthermore, all devices must be provisioned, unlike Wi-Fi, giving organizations complete control over network access. This isolation enhances data security and privacy, essential for handling sensitive information used in AI models.
  • Customization: With more control over private 5G network configuration, compared to relying on public cellular, organizations can tailor the network to their specific AI needs. Network owners can allocate resources and quality-of-service levels specifically to AI-based applications, guaranteeing performance for mission critical use cases.

Extensive Expertise

With Raycom’s extensive expertise in designing and deploying private wireless networks that support mission critical use cases and applications, we can tightly integrate AI applications securely into your operations.

  • Our best-in-class network components deliver a fast, secure, high-bandwidth network infrastructure that meets the real-time data traffic demands of AI applications.
  • Our end-to-end, enterprise-first approach encompasses a complete turnkey network infrastructure solution to support deployment of AI applications: network design, application integration, security policies, deployment, and network management.
  • We have domain experience in building high-performance private wireless networks in industries deploying AI applications, such as manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, airports, mining, oil & gas, and hospitals.

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